Down to Earth Community Gardens is a community organization run solely by volunteers in partnership with Municipalities, Conservation Districts, Schools, and other collaborating partners and stakeholders.

Our mission is to provide space and education for people to grow their own food and offer fresh produce to area food banks. We give FREE garden beds, FREE seeds, FREE education, and access to FREE resources to help grow organic produce.

Serving the greater Snohomish, Skagit and King county, we increase visibility by offering free farmers markets, baskets of produce for delivery for seniors, people with disabilities, access to emergency food boxes, an open gate for garden grocers and much more.

In 2018, we grew and gave 64,719 pounds of organic produce, with 382 volunteers giving 3,200 hours of community service!  Our FREE Farmer’s Market was able to serve over 2,000 people with fresh organic produce, education, and resources.

In 2017, Eagle Ridge Community Garden and The Living Lab grew and gave 21,765 lbs of organic produce to local area food banks, taught 343 individuals to grow food and gave 945 hours of community service.

Meet Terry Myer, Director at Down To Earth Community Gardensme

Terry Myer, Director of Down To Earth Community Gardens, is an innovative and energetic community-builder willing and able to dig in the dirt.  She often worries her husband will divorce her over her addiction to gardening.  A lover of cats and baby animals, Terry offers classes on sustainable gardening and consultations for those needing assistance.  She offers free site visits to individuals as a way to help others become a gardener and overcome any obstacles they may have.  She’s the go to person to design, implement and install community gardens throughout Snohomish, King County and Camano Island.

Raised in Foster Care for many years, Terry was dependent on the local food bank for survival.  By offering education and free resources to gardeners of all interests and ability levels, Terry brings a solution to local food insecurity through community and corporate partnerships.  Terry is happily married, has a 22 year old son who loves to complain while helping, and three micromanaging cats who judge her constantly.  You can find Terry in the community or a local brewery, occasionally dressed up as a dinosaur and handing out flowers and free beers to make people smile.  Stop by the Living Lab at her home in Marysville or Eagle Ridge Community Garden in Lake Stevens for a garden tour.  Learn how you can create your own edible landscapes while helping the environment and utilizing resources that may otherwise end up in landfills.

Terry is very proud to share that Eagle Ridge Park is her largest project to date, a 30 acre park with a 1 acre community and food bank garden.  She partnered with the City of Lake Stevens and over 300 volunteers to install the largest community garden in Snohomish County.  Through partnerships with home and community gardens, municipalities and local businesses, Down to Earth was able to grow and give 65,000lbs of organic produce to food banks.  Her next projects include community, school and food bank gardens in Darrington, Arlington, Granite Falls, Everett, Lynnwood and Monroe.  Be sure to visit Terry’s website at www.downtoearthcommunitygardens.com or on Facebook at Down To Earth Community Gardens to watch her grow!