Volunteer Opportunities

Mother Nature is ALWAYS in charge of planting season and she’s in no mood to stop raining and warm up the soil.  We need a sustained soil temperature of 55 degrees for fragile seeds and seedlings.

We look forward to organizing a volunteer planting event at Eagle Ridge Community Garden and Pushing Up Daisies Community Garden as soon as the weather warms up a bit more.



Volunteer Opportunities are available to everyone at every interest level, no experience needed, all ages welcome!

Dress for weather, refreshments provided!
Bring gloves and wear boots or shoes that WILL get dirty.

14020 66th St. NE, Lake Stevens, 98258
Pushing Up Daisies Community Food Bank Garden
Needs: Seeds & Starts, veggie row markers, people to plant seeds and starts

2420 Soper Hill Road, Lake Stevens, 98258
Eagle Ridge Community Garden
Needs: Seeds & Starts, Veggie row markers, people to plant seeds & starts in food bank plots.

3516 81st Dr. NE, Marysville, 98270
Living Lab
Needs: Planting seeds, garden bed clean up, spreading woodchips in pathways

Additional Volunteers needed!
Plan a company work group! Building and filling raised beds is the biggest job there is to give a boost to what we can do as a community.  Handy or not, we need you!

Looking to gather a large group to complete community service hours?  Need hours for school?  We can provide them!

Want to schedule classes on creating edible landscapes, building raised beds, healthy soil, water conservation, building rain barrels and more?  We can help with that too!L2L logo color

Garden Work Groups can:

  • Plan the common area garden beds: obtain/purchase seeds, layout, and rotation.
  • Prepare common area beds for planting: compost, soil, fertilizer, etc.
  • Grow: plant, water, fertilize, control pests, weed beds, and add row covers.
  • Harvest: weekly, taking produce to Food Banks.
    Receipts for weight is needed to track our mission, please collect one with every donation.
    Lake Stevens Community Food Bank distribution day is Thursdays 1:30pm to 6pm at Ebenezer Lutheran Church.