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Are you passionate about sustainable living and eager to empower others with the knowledge and skills to grow their own food?

Down to Earth Community Gardens offers a unique opportunity for you to take the lead in organizing a gardening class tailored to your community’s needs.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Customized Classes: Choose from our diverse range of gardening topics below. Select the topics that resonate most with your audience and the goals of your community.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Utilize our interactive calendar to find the perfect date and time for your workshop. Whether it’s a one-time event or a series of classes, we’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule and preferences.
  • Community Engagement: Spread the word and rally your community members to participate in the workshop. Whether it’s neighbors, coworkers, friends, or local organizations, everyone is invited to join in the learning experience.
  • Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors will come to your location fully prepared to deliver engaging and informative sessions. From hands-on demonstrations to interactive discussions, we’ll provide the knowledge, tools, and support needed to inspire and empower your community.

Organizing a gardening class with us is more than just an educational opportunity – it’s a chance to foster connection, promote sustainability, and strengthen community resilience.

We kindly request a $100 donation per hour of instruction to support our organization’s mission and continued efforts in promoting sustainable living.

Available Classes & Demonstrations

Ready to unlock the secrets of seeds? Join our comprehensive workshop and dive into the complete seed cycle – from planning and sowing to the art of seed saving. Discover the ins and outs of seed selection, learn the best sowing practices, and grasp the fundamentals of preserving seeds for future plantings. Whether you’re a budding gardener or a seasoned pro, this class will empower you to cultivate a thriving garden from seed to harvest. Let’s sow the seeds of knowledge and reap the rewards of a bountiful garden!

Time to eat like a true gardener! Discover the hidden treasures within your garden, exploring lesser-known edible plant parts and those misunderstood “weeds.” Your next harvest might be right under your nose!

Be the ultimate matchmaker for your garden! Learn how to create a pollinator paradise, with native plants and restoration hacks that’ll have bees, butterflies, and bugs swiping right on your blooms!

Do you have a tiny space but big dreams? Join the edible revolution with balcony and patio gardening tricks. We’ll turn your small space into a taste-packed paradise. No backyard? No problem!

Rise and shine, gardeners! Let’s build some beds, toss in some soil love, and keep those beds happy for the long haul.

We’ve got your back! Dive into the art of managing bumper crops, explore creative recipes, and learn preservation tricks that’ll make you the squash superstar. There are never too many zucchini, pumpkin, or other squash in your garden. From zucchinis to pumpkins, we’ll show you how to conquer the abundance and turn it into a kitchen masterpiece. Prepare for a squash sensation!

Can your garden save the planet? Let’s talk carbon sequestration, climate change, and how your little plot of land can be a hero in the fight against environmental challenges.

Unlock the gardening secrets of companionship! Join our beginner’s class and discover the art of planting vegetables and flowers that thrive together. Learn which plants are best pals and which ones prefer some space. Let us guide you through the fascinating world of companion planting for a bountiful harvest. Your garden will thank you!

Get ready to turn your kitchen scraps into garden gold! We’ll break down composting basics, troubleshoot common compost conundrums, and make sure your yard waste is living its best life.

Limited space, big dreams! Learn how to rock the container garden life, choose plants that love the spotlight, and maybe even get a little vertical. Your balcony is about to become a green paradise, that can feed your family.

Who says your garden can’t be both tasty and trendy? Learn to blend the beauty of ornamentals with the deliciousness of edibles. It’s a foodie’s dream come true!

Keep the harvest party going, even when the temps drop! Learn the secrets of fall and winter gardening, so you can enjoy fresh veggies even as the snow falls.

Learn to make gorgeous embellished cupcakes anyone will love! Perfect for all ages and interest levels. You will have plenty of time to decorate several of your own cupcakes to home with you. You will leave feeling more confident in your decorating skills. Students will learn to make beautifully decorated cupcakes from marshmallow, frosting and sprinkles. Each student will take home 6-12 cupcakes.

No offseason for us! Unveil the secrets of growing in all seasons. Hoop houses, cold frames – it’s time to become the garden maestro, creating your microclimate for a never-ending harvest party!

Buckle up, survivalists! We’re diving into the world of resilient and sustainable gardening practices. Whether it’s zombies or just a rough patch, we’ve got your garden covered for whatever comes your way.

Embark on a feathered adventure with our Introduction to Birding class! Explore the fascinating world of birds, from identifying common species to understanding their behaviors and habitats. Grab your binoculars and join us for a chirpy journey into the enchanting realm of birdwatching!

Meet the cluck stars! Join us in the feathered frenzy of backyard chickens. We’ll cover the basics, from chicken care to coops that scream “home sweet roost.” Get ready to wing it with the garden’s feathered friends!

Dive into the world of sustainable eats! Learn why growing your own grub is not just cool but crucial. We’ll unravel the secrets of organic gardening, making green thumbs out of everyone!

Spice up your life, garden-style! Join us as we dive into the spicy world of homegrown herbs. From seed to seasoning, we’ll show you how to create a spice collection that’ll make your taste buds dance!

Become the pied piper of pollinators! Learn the art of planting a vibrant rainbow that beckons essential pollinators to your yard. It’s time to turn your garden into a buzzing, blooming paradise.

Bugs, be gone! Discover the art of pest management without harsh chemicals. We’ll chat about identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly in the insect world, and maybe even invite some helpful bug buddies to the party.

Netting, Planting Choices, Mulching, and More. Bugs, be gone – the organic way! Get ready to outsmart pests with nets, strategic plant pals, mulching magic, and a few secrets from Mother Nature herself.

Weeds, be warned – the garden ninja is here! Learn the ancient art of organic weed suppression without resorting to chemical warfare. Mulch, cover crops, and a touch of garden magic – let’s keep it green and clean!

Dive into the realm of perennial vegetables and fruits, exploring how these long-lasting plants can enhance sustainability and provide year-round harvests.

We’ll spill the permaculture tea, blending ethics, design, and a dash of wildness. Transform your space into a sustainable food jungle!

Roses in a pie? Absolutely! Join us for a deliciously creative vegan pie-making session. We’ll whip up a rose pie masterpiece and maybe throw in a few other pie surprises. Get ready to impress your taste buds!

It’s not just a garden; it’s a strategic masterpiece! Develop your garden battle plan, covering layout, plant selection, and seasonal considerations for a thriving and sustainable space. Ready, set, grow!

Feeling a bit daring? Let’s explore the dark side of gardening. We’re talking poisonous plants, spooky garden tales, and other spooky phenomena lurking in the garden shadows. It’s a thrilling journey into the mysterious and macabre!

Time to power up your gardening game! From drills to saws, we’ll unleash the power tool prowess within you. No more digging with teaspoons – let’s bring out the heavy hitters for a garden DIY extravaganza!

Give your fruit trees the spa day they deserve! We’ll shape, snip, and strut through the art of pruning. Healthy trees, happy harvests – let’s turn your orchard into a fruit-filled fiesta!

Let’s talk planting calendars, crop rotation dance moves, and keeping your garden grooving all year long. We’re spilling the beans on how to plan the ultimate garden party, season after season.

Ready, set, grow! Join the plant birthing party – we’ll start seeds, perform plant surgery (propagation style), and save seeds like ecological time travelers. Your garden, your rules – let’s make some green babies!

Unleash your inner artist! Learn to create stunning stained glass garden art projects that’ll transform your outdoor space into a masterpiece. Time to add some flair to your flora!

Staple crops? They’re like the superheroes of your plate, packing a punch as the go-to source for daily fuel and nutrients. Not just a feast for your belly, these crops are the OGs of culture, economy, and the heart of your local food scene.

Create a garden symphony with tree guilds! Learn the art of planting companions that harmonize with your trees. It’s a planting party where everyone brings something to the table – literally!

Worms, wiggle, and wonders – it’s vermicomposting time! Join the underground revolution as we explore the world of composting with our slimy friends.

Think outside the garden box – think vertical! From trellises to hanging gardens, we’ll teach you how to defy gravity and make the most of your space. Your garden is about to reach new heights!

Dive into the world of hydration hacks for your plants! We’ll chat about watering tricks, mulching magic, and picking plants that can handle a little drought. Your garden’s gonna be sipping smart!

Monthly garden game plan alert! Join us as we spill the beans (and tomatoes, and zucchinis) on what needs your TLC each month. Your garden’s seasonal to-do list is about to become your green gospel!

Time for some weed wisdom! We’ll decode the secret language of weeds, figuring out which are your garden allies and which are the unruly troublemakers.

While our garden beds take a winter nap, there’s no need for your gardening enthusiasm to cool off! We’ll unveil the secrets of maximizing the cold months. Whether you’re eyeing your winter crops or planning the perfect spring planting, this session is your ticket to gardening prowess. Elevate your skills and cultivate your own food haven like a seasoned pro.

Dive into the world of winter sowing! Learn to plant seeds during the colder months, utilizing winter’s magic for an early spring garden. From seed selection to DIY containers, join us for a frosty adventure in year-round gardening success!

Get ready to deck the halls with a touch of organic elegance! Join us for a festive journey into wreath making using nature’s finest materials. From foraged greens to dried botanical treasures, learn the art of crafting beautiful and sustainable wreaths that bring the spirit of the season to your doorstep. Unleash your creativity, embrace the joy of nature, and adorn your home with unique, handcrafted wreaths that celebrate the beauty of the holidays!