Starting From Seed

In-person Class

Introduction to Winter Sowing

January 25th 12:00 – 2:00

Cost: Free to all

Paige Brault and Terry Bochovich will introduce you to the wildly popular world of winter sowing. Covering all the basics and sending you home with all of the knowledge you need to start your spring and summer gardens from seed now from free or inexpensive materials.

Class will be indoors, at Lake Stevens Community Resource Center located at:

9613 20th Avenue SE Lake Stevens WA

What You’ll Learn:

  • Participants will be able to make and take home their own miniature greenhouse.
  • How to make miniature greenhouses, and what other forms of weather protection you can use in Washington’s winter months
  • Which seeds to start sowing in the winter
  • When to sow your seeds
  • how to care for your seeds and seedlings after they’ve been planted
  • Hardening off and transplanting

Paige Brault
Board of Directors

Paige is a Board member at Down to Earth Community Gardens, and educator on agricultural methods.

Terry Bochovich
Executive Director and Founder

Executive Director and Founder of Down to Earth Community Gardens. Terry is a life long gardener and educator on all things growing, planting, and gardening.