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Washington State University Extension Gardening Resources

Snohomish Conservation District

Sourcing free materials for your garden:A mostly free resources slide


Community Garden Experts:
Terry Myer-Project Coordinator, Resource Management

Where to source your repurposed/recycled materials:


Used for tomatoes and heat loving plants
Brick & Mortar: Tire Stores
Online Sourcing: Craigs List, Buy Nothing, Freecycle,

To degrease the tires I use dish soap, water and scrub them inside and out.  Rinse well and paint if you prefer for aesthetics.

Box Springs
Used for climbing plants and raised bed forms.
Brick & Mortar: Mattress Stores, local garage sales
Online Sourcing: Craigs List, Buy Nothing, Freecycle

Wear gloves to remove old fabric.  Use wood form only box springs as raised beds.  Finish using scrap wood.  Use metal box springs for climbers.  Attach vertically or horizontally to raised bed with screws to stabilize.

Wood Chips
Used for natural weed suppression, improved soil health, mulch, water conservation.

Chip drop is an easy online service where you will sign up to receive wood chips.  This is a service and is in no way a guarantee you will receive your chips in the time you’d prefer.  Chips are free and come in loads of 4-15 yards.  Make sure to clear a large area for your delivery.
Online Sourcing:
Chip Drop

Brick & Mortar:
Lenz Enterprises, Pacific Topsoil, local arborists.

Used under the wood chips for natural weed suppression and no-till gardening
Brick & Mortar:
Appliance Stores, Ace Hardware, Buy Nothing, ask your neighbors to raid their recycle bins

Cinderblocks, pavers
Used to create raised beds
Online Sourcing:
Craigs List, Buy Nothing, Free Cycle
Brick & Mortar: Local home improvement stores.  Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Home Depot.

Rain barrels
Used for water conservation.
Brick & Mortar:
Snohomish Conservation District

Seeds/Starts– Always Needed!  Contact us if you’d like to donate!

Hissy Fit Farms, Granite Falls

Egg Shells-Used to add calcium in the tomato beds
Brick & Mortar Sourcing:
Your kitchen, Local Farms, Neighbors,
Online Sourcing:
Buy Nothing, Freecycle

Coffee Grounds

Soil Amendment to add nitrogen to your soil
Brick & Mortar Sourcing:
McDonalds, Starbucks, local baristas, just ask!

Lumber and hardware
Used for building raised beds
Brick & Mortar Sourcing
Local lumber yards, Home Improvement Stores, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s Online Sourcing: