Bringing the bounty of the harvest to the dinner table

Our colorful garden supports a healthy lifestyle, along with my laziness when I’m too tired to cook.  After a busy week of adulting,  I love engaging in the multiple benefits of urban farming.

1.  No waiting in line at the grocery store on a long holiday weekend.
2.  No stickers to peel off the produce.
3.  No traffic on the drive home.
4.  No cooking in the sun baked kitchen.

Grabbing a bowl and wandering the garden we can shop from what we grow.  Planting a large variety of veggies makes it easy to get creative, colorful, and the garden is full of healthy choices we all want to enjoy.  We have our favorites but this is a meal we all can get behind.

Our harvest takes only a few minutes to shop for and prepare.  After a quick walk around the garden we chose from a large variety of assorted greens, sugary sweet snap peas, cucumber, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, green onions and we finish it off with edible flowers and a few pantry ingredients.  For optional flair we like to break out the spiralizer during cucumber and zucchini season.  A dash of Himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper and a drizzle of virgin olive oil with a little left over chicken…
Voila!  We have ourselves a meal.
Salad from the garden 6-30-17
Bellies are full, mom is happy and clean up is a breeze.  For dessert, Washington peaches are a must have.  They are perfection this time of year.  Take a bite and try not to slurp as the juice runs down your arm.  I may or may not have licked my elbow to my wrist.

Have a safe and happy fourth!  Be sure to share your garden goodies and pictures on our facebook page!

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