Prepping a holiday favorite from the garden

I adore this time of year with so many ways and opportunities to say I love you with food.  But….preferably leaning on the healthy side…..

Sorry.  Involuntary mom brain.  I’ve tucked that away for a bit.

With gratitude I share the dish that I’ll be making for many others this holiday season.  It’s a little bit labor intensive but adding in pure love isn’t the easiest ingredient to pick up at the grocery store.  Taking advantage of your fruit trees is always a great way to save on the expensive part of this dish.

Presenting the Apple Rose Pie with a spiced vanilla crust finished with a light maple glaze.

Easier said than made, I lovpiee teaching others how to make this show stopper dessert.  It’s low on sugar but tastes like an autumn evening.  Interested in learning how?  Send a message by email or on Facebook.

Pie Crust includes vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

Pie Filling includes gala apples, lemon juice, and a whisper of maple syrup, brown sugar and raw sugar.

Don’t forget to add plenty of love, while baking.  If you think you added too much, add another hefty tablespoon.  Eat and Enjoy with the people you love!

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