The Best Gardener’s Tips *Hint, they’re your own!

The Best Gardening tips always come from yourself!

Save yourself some money every year by buying fewer seeds and learning what works.

Garden Journals and Seed Binders:
Seed Binders and garden journals make gardening more efficientseed notebook
By storing seeds this way, you are creating an environment which will promote seed viability.  The pockets lock out moisture, being in a binder protects them from light and then store in a cool environment.

Asking forgiveness, not permission: Repurpose your spouse’s baseball card binders.  Hide somewhere in the garage.  Start wondering how mad he’ll get…
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Or Breathe Easy Using A Notebook!garden journal

Your observations can be as thorough as you’d like them depending on your need to feel organized.  Limited on time?  This helps you save some.

Using a notebook
Tape the seed packets planted, directions and planting zones are listed for reference.
Include a drawing of your garden.  Label your rows as you plant them.
Take note of what you observe, in the garden and around you.  You might include notes about weather, birds migrating, frogs singing.

After the growing season take note of what worked and what didn’t.  Keeping a Garden Journal | Real Food RN
Optional Journal Entry Suggestions:
From the garden journal of Jeanette Yee Sclar, Mistress of Longears

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summer harvest 2018
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