August Garden Chores for the Pacific Northwest

Soaking up summer
If you pay close attention you’ll begin to notice the angle of the sun is changing. The days are getting shorter and summer is beginning a long Minnesota goodbye*

It’s time to hurry. We run out of daylight before we run out of garden to harvest and each day is a frenzy to bring in the harvest as it ripens on the vine. Ripening aronia and blackberries, plums and apples fall faster than we can pick them.

We’ve reached the peak of summer. If you’re like me, the grieving begins. Coping skills begin to kick in at the cellular level for the cooler temps coming soon.

Reaching the pinnacle it’s obvious that fall will arrive in a blink. Let’s hope that September in the PNW gives us the few extra days we need to extend the growing season. We’ll be able to see our breath soon enough.

*Minnesota Goodbye. [expression: min-uh-sohta gud-bye] There are those who rip away Band-Aids. And there are those who nudge them off a millimeter at a time. Minnesotans are guilty of the latter when saying their awkward, interminable goodbyes.

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