Fall – Winter Harvest/ Lawns To Lettuce Class Slides

~$50.00 in seeds = $1,500 in groceries. 2,000,016,000 seeds given FREE in 2019
Fondly known as “The Thistle Hellscape”
GET AGED COMPOST FOR FREE *May require pick up

After filling your upcycled/free raised bed with, you guessed it, free compost, surround with cardboard and woodchips. Sheet Mulching is great slug repellent, it also locks in moisture, insulates raised beds, creates natural pathways, encourages worm activity, manages run off and…and…and…

Get it free from ChipDrop.com, sign up every 28 days if you haven’t received a delivery. Reach out to local tree service companies. They’ll be happy to help.

July is a busy time for planting, harvesting and preserving!
Pace yourself, August is just July 2.0.
We do not subscribe to square foot gardening…there’s too many things wrong with this example. Don’t invite the pests to the party by planting this close together. Herbs will take over, the sunflower is a heavy feeder and too shady along with the tomatoes. Save yourself the frustration and follow the next slide for companion gardening.
Our suggestion: Leave berries entirely on their own. Contain. Contain. Contain. Herbs too. Oregano is beautiful when it flowers but spreads quickly. Major pollinator attractant. Borage too. Rosemary needs plenty of room, consider a decorative hedge, and mosquitos hate it.
Garlic, chives, shallots, onions can be combined. Give them their own bed.
Just because everything goes right, not everything thrives. Some years we can’t grow peas no matter what we try, other years it’s peppers. Nature happens. Climate/Phenology make a world of possible reasons for plants to thrive or fail.
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